just had to point out, since I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone talking about it before:

Mason’s laugh when he sees that Hannibal has realised Will is there. 

It’s weird.

It isn’t an 'oh your enemy just beat you!' laugh.

It’s more like he’s revelling in the *shock!betrayal!* he thinks Hannibal is feeling.

But why would Hannibal be feeling betrayed? if he’s (as Mason said) playing chicken with Will, wouldn’t he be expecting this? 

why would Will’s presence hurt or surprise him? (like Mason obviously thinks it has) 

answer: because Will is more than just a patient to him.

Mason thinks the very sight of Will / the revelation of his betrayal, strikes at the heart of Hannibal

(and he’s right too, just not in the way he thinks he is)

in other words, he totally fucking ships them okay??

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